Dating 101 for Men

Summer is here in NYC and there is nothing more that I love than roof tops and happy hour Rose. Summer is also the time where romance is booming and dating is at an all time high. It is the time where we are feeling great, looking our best, and just trying to live and enjoy every single day to the best potential. With that said I have been hanging out at bars and socializing with a lot of different people, more with women than with men. They have been sharing their dating stories with me and although they have been talking about different experiences and scenarios, they all have been expressing the same issues with the men that they are dating. This post is to talk a bit about those issues that are so common amongst men. If they were to do a few tweaks, they will have women blowing up their phone.


#1 complaint that I have heard is lack of communication. We are all busy individuals and don’t expect a guy to be responsive right away. However, this is modern day dating, people usually communicate via texting. It is more convenient than phone calls and can be done from any where. It takes less than a minute to send a quick text and check in with someone to see how they are doing. Just a quick “hello” even to show that you have that person in mind. Most men will go on a date with a women and not text back until the following week when they are trying to set up the next date. You are more likely to get her to come out again if you check in during the week. A simple “good morning” during your early commute to work, or even a “good night, hope your day went well.” It means a lot and definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.

This also ties in with communicating what you are looking for. A lot of men are nervous to just be straight up about what they are looking for. If you aren’t looking for a commitment and just want to go with the flow and have a good time, that’s okay. The women you are seeing might also be on the same page. If she is not, then you have given her the respect by not wasting her time. If you are looking for a commitment and they aren’t, then that saves you time as well. Just be honest.


When you ask a women out on a date, don’t invite them to your place on the first date. Be pro active on finding a place to invite her to. We understand that dating is expensive for men, usually men pay for the first date. We understand that you aren’t going to take us to a 5 star restaurant the first time. Dinners in NYC are expensive even at non fancy places. However, choose a lounge or bar and invite her out for a drink. Listen to what she said she likes and use that information to do something fun. There are so many things that can be done with out breaking your wallet. Some examples are, a walk in the park, ice cream, museums, dancing, bowling, the beach, and hiking. Don’t ask her to choose and figure out the details. Impress her by proposing a date that matches her interests. If you both live far from each other, don’t suggest places that are only convenient to you, try to find a middle ground that is a fair distance for both parties to travel to. Make some effort in being considerate of how long it will take her to meet you.


Please do not show up as if you are going to go coach a basketball team. Put some effort into your wardrobe and also into your hygiene. When a women goes on a date, she spends at least an hour shaving, she dresses up, she does her hair, make up, puts on perfume. You don’t have to show up in a tux or a suit, but a little effort in showing that you cared about your appearance would help. I personally went on a date with a guy, and he showed up in the dirtiest clothes I have ever seen. I excused myself and went to my car and changed out of my dress and heels into jeans and a t shirt. He asked me why I changed when I looked so cute. I simply said because I was matching his vibe. Sex appeal is important, especially in the first few dates. If you want to seal the deal, don’t show up messy, 1st impressions matter.


Don’t be selfish! It takes 2 to tango. Women are not placed on this Earth just to please your needs. If you cum fast, then make up for it by pleasing your partner in other ways until you are ready for another round. Don’t assume that she is satisfied just because you are. The likely hood of her calling you again are slim. Women have infinite options in this category, we can literally message someone and have sex with that person that same day. So if she is there, she CHOSE you, make it worth her time. If that is all you wanted, then that ties back to communication. Be clear of your intentions. Also just because you had sex already doesn’t mean that dating is over. Still do things with her that are outside of the bedroom, still try to create memories together. Women are more emotional and sensitive, and making sure she feels wanted and appreciated might just surprise you with a random blow job when you least expect it.

These are just a few tips from many, many, more that I could list. But the ones that I felt are crucial in order to survive the first few dates!

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