Things that make women have a WAP

Things that make women have a WAP

I am sure you have all heard the new Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion song, WAP. It has been all the rage since it’s release. Since then I have heard women refer to things that men do that gives them a WAP and this is what those things are.

Listen up men, you will get that woman to be in love with you if you follow the below. Make her feel like a queen and that WAP is yours. I pinky swear.


I know guys everywhere are disappointed. But believe it or not, if you are consistent with a woman, she will notice and be more responsive to you. We all love a man that will text us something as simple as good morning everyday, or good night. Check in on her daily, we know that you are busy, but a couple of seconds to check in, shows that you care and that your interest is genuine. The biggest mistake that a man will do is that once they realize that the woman likes them, then they stop being consistent with the small things that made her fall for you in the first place. Keep your dating life spicy and keep her interest by being consistent.


No woman wants an insecure man. We love it when a man knows his worth and isn’t ashamed to express it. There is a fine line between being arrogant and being confident in your own skin. Women don’t like men that are too jealous and say things to show that they are scared to lose you to someone else. If she is dating you, it is for a reason, be confident and be the same person you were when you first started seeing each other.


Most men these days do not know how to be romantic, not because they aren’t but because they don’t have to be, women are so fast these days that they don’t have to work to get what they want anymore. However, if you come across a woman that is old fashion, then impress her by being romantic. You can surprise her by buying flowers, sneaking a note in her bag, or surprising her with a picnic in the park. Just pay attention to what she likes and surprise her with something to match.


Be masculine, show us that you are the man in this relationship. Even the most alpha females want to be with someone that takes control. Plan dates, be firm in your approach, and be dominant in and out of the bedroom. It is so hot to have a man be an alpha male and let you revel in your femininity. I absolutely love it, even as an alpha female, sometimes I need to know that someone else can take care of business if I cant. This goes back to being confident, if you aren’t confident then you won’t feel comfortable being dominant.


Last but not least, don’t let her complain to her friends about sex. Make sure that you are exploring and discovering everything that she likes in the bedroom. Do all the freaky things that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion talk about in the song. Maybe she won’t be about that life, but maybe she is and you will not know unless you try. Sex is not just about penetration, most women don’t cum as fast and as easily as men, women need to build up to the climax. Invest time in foreplay, the same way you would pre game before going out with the boys. Make use of all her senses and pay attention to her reactions, they will tell you when to keep going and when to stop. Don’t rush the process and trust me if you please her, she will treat you like a king.  

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